Supporting Literary, Visual & Performing Artists With Special Needs



What The Emergent Institute is working to accomplish is unique and truly visionary. The Emergent Institute envisions a society that educates, encourages, and supports persons with disabilities working in and earning salaries from the Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts. This is, to my knowledge, the only effort of its kind currently in existence and certainly the first with national scope and ambition.

–Brian DeAtley, Associate Manager, NISH Institute for Economic Empowerment

The Emergent Institute envisions a society that not only recognizes the contributions of the unique visions and perspectives of person’s with disabilities but support and develops inclusion of person’s with disabilities as gainfully employed full participants in all facets of the Arts.

–Celane McWhorter, Former Executive Director,

Don and TEI are have worked with us on research, technical assistance, and resource development and dissemination. We believe that Don and TEI are dedicated to the advancement of artists with disabilities.

–Teri Blankenship, M.Ed., Virginia Commonwealth University

Thank you for your support and willingness to share your knowledge and experience of owning a business that will assist us in facilitating self-employment for individuals with disabilities.

–Katherine Inge, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy

The Emergent Institute is the type of cutting edge advocacy for the employment of people with disabilities the world needs.

–Cary Griffin, Senior Partner, Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC

By combining the efforts of Damon Brooks Associates and those of The Emergent Institute we broaden the scope and enhance the outcomes of both organizations. Currently, DBA and TEI are partnered to provide persons with disabilities (PWDs) employment opportunities in front of and behind the camera for both a feature film and a weekly TV series.

– Marc Goldman, President, Damon Brooks Associates

The Emergent Institutes's mission to provide education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities for Visual and Performing Artists with disabilities is similar to those of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. Working together we can fulfill our goals and dreams and those of this unique underserved population.

–Reed Callanan, Director, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

TEI continues to bring public awareness, change perceptions, and bring understanding to Visual and Performing Artists with disabilities and, in this way, fostering greater acceptance of all people in our local communities, nationally and internationally.

–Jeanne Chaput de Saintonge, Owner, Rocky Mountain School of Photograhpy